OK, I’m feeling a little bit off today.

It’s cloudy and cold.

The Canadiens lost their season opener,

to Toronto!

I’m still reading Coffee Will Make You Black by April Sinclair.

It’s a real gem.

A coming of age story.

I’ve always been a sucker for those.

I should finish this evening and give a full appreciation tomorrow.

So, to bring me out of my mini funk,

I thought I would have an installment of,

The Elements Of Butch Style.

I don’t quite know why but,

this always makes me feel better.

The last post on style was about shirts, Blundstones and Swatches.

Something I heard this weekend,

 in TO.

Set me to thinking.

“Well at least I don’t wear girl jeans!”

I have to confess something to you,

I wear girl jeans.

They are not exactly girlie but,

they are definitely girl jeans.

Let me explain,

I’m sort of short,

 and the fact of middle age spread,

 has made man jeans practically impossible.

They are just too long,

I would have to chop too much off the bottom.

A few years ago I resigned myself to nice stretch jeans

I mourned the studly 501’s of my twenties and,

 the sharp classic American sportswear Gap’s of my thirties.

It’s sad,


that’s life and aging,

at least I’m not wearing track suits!

These jeans,

in spite of being girl jeans,

are fine if accessorized properly

(Did I just say accessorize? How very Femme of me)

I was saying,

 with boots, boxers and a good hoodie,

 they will pass.

Next installment Boxers or Briefs?

Well, I better go before I loose all Butch credibility and,

 they revoke my man wallet

Later girls

Have fun


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