Crazy busy week.

The week started off,

with a massive,

March snow storm.

That wasn’t so great for business,

took two days to get back to normal.

Yesterday, there was a big fire,

right up,

the street,

so sad,

to see people,

lose their homes,

their belongings,

at least no-one was seriously injured.

It did put a serious monkey wrench,

into traffic around the bookstore,

so yesterday,

wasn’t what it should have been.


was wonderful,

sunny, glorious,

briskly cold,




you can feel Spring,

giving it the ole college try.

The days are longer,

the light is brighter,


moods are more buoyant.

Fabulous day,

sold piles and piles of books.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I hope you all will forgive,

my less frequent ramblings,

for a bit.

I’ve got a bookstore to liquidate:-)

Be well, girls.

Later girls,


**so what do you all think of the header shot of Odile??**



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