Micheal Tolliver Lives

Enough of that, Thanks to all of you for the support, you know who you are.

OK, so, Armistead Maupin’s Micheal Tolliver Lives.

I really enjoyed it.

 Maupin has a real gift for weaving tales that have an almost unbelievable amount of coincidence.

He has a very southern flavour, in his humour and his sense of the tragic-comic lives of people.

I read all the Tales of The City  books many years ago,

 I loved them they were about a place and a people that I was fascinated by,

 the  San Francisco of the 1970’s.

It was the first time I read about a transsexual character, the magnificent Anna Madrigal.

Now, in Micheal Tolliver Lives, we get reacquainted with the former residents of Barbary Lane.

They are older and still living their lives on their terms.

That is one of the things I always liked about the series, these people created a family for themselves.

No closet,

 they chose to live in a city that not only tolerated difference but, thrived on it. 

It wasn’t a gay thing either, all the characters were individuals.

To paraphrase Emily Dickinson, They chose their own society.

In this installment, although Maupin claims it is not a sequel, the meaning of family is explored.

Real blood family and the kind we chose for ourselves,

 and how both shape us and make us who we are.

I cried, I laughed and I cared.

I can’t ask for much more from a book.

I’m tired and hot and not feeling very loquacious so I’ll sign off now.

Thanks girls



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