Beautiful day,

sunny, warm,



was Mother’s day,

happy belated,

mother’s day,

to all of you,

who are,


to the rest of you,

I hope you had,

a lovely time,

with your mothers.

I made dinner for Mom,

her favourite,

Tortellini Alfredo,

if it’s starchy and cheesy, it works for mom:-)

I worked in some peppers,

and spinach,

so it wasn’t all bad,

she ate with gusto,

and a big grin,

on her face,

she’s a peach,


you already know that.

For some reason,

Mother’s day,

always brings out,

the reflective in me,

makes me think,

how lucky,

I am,

it’s also,

very close to,

my birthday,

and that makes me,


in another way,

sort of like new years,

but different.

With my birthday,

I tend to look back,

and wonder,

am I doing what I want?

Am I happy?

Strange thing,


hard to explain,

everyone having,

different criterion,

for evaluation,



most measures,

I’m happy,

most of the time,

health is good,

entourage good,

job is good,

although, extra money could always help:-)

so yeah,

I’m happy,

and hopeful,

about things,

on a professional level,

and on a personal level,

it’s just the number change,

no longer,

early forties,

barely mid forties,

may be I should have,

pulled a Jack Benny,

and stopped counting,

at thirty-nine,

nice number,



Well gotta go,

Later girls,


2 Replies to “Maybe thirty-nine is the way to go.”

  1. Or maybe, like my sister, you could just celebrate anniversaries–she just celebrated the 10th anniversary of her 25th year…of course she only says that it is her 10th anniversary:-)…

    Glad business is going well…may more folks find that they need way more books that only you have:-)

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