Le ciel tisse une couverture en laine
L’été prépare ses quartiers d’hiver

Charles Aznavour- Je te Rechaufferais

(the sky weaves a woolen blanket,

summer prepares it’s winter quarters)

I will warm you (the translation is mine, but, I think you get the image)

It is a glorious morning.

The sky is blue the air is crisp and I slept very well.

To an insomniac, weather obsessed Canadian,

this is a very good thing.

I have been reading many book blogs, lately,

 and I find that mine is very different from most.

I haven’t decided if that is a good thing,


I am impressed by the amount of work some people put into their blogs.

I think mine is more a stream of consciousness , kind of a thing.

I guess it’s about what’s on my mind.

So, maybe it isn’t really a book blog?

More personal, less literary.

Things take on a life of their own.

I guess I’ll just follow. 

I have been listening to music this morning,

the apartment is quiet.

I had tentative plans that fell through, no big deal.

I think I needed the peace and quiet.

I was listening to an old Aznavour CD ,

I was actually going to say record.

I remember listening to him as a child on vinyl,

 and later as a lovesick teenager on cassette.

Vinyls were special,

 the big sleeves with liner notes,

the putting down of the needle on the record,


and sitting there and listening.

When I was  young we listened to a lot of music in my house.

With my dad, it was Jazz and Classical and Rock.

With my mom, it was Québécois music and la chanson Francaise.

I learned to really love language, through lyrics.

Guys like Aznavour and Brel were giants.

In English, it was Dylan and Kristofferson who I always taught were the great wordsmiths.

Books taught me to love stories, songs taught me to love words.

So, as summer prepares it’s winter quarters.

I wish for you all,

 many good books,

beautiful music (with or without lyrics, your call)

and someone to warm and who warms you.

Later girls


3 Replies to “Lyrics and warmth”

  1. Your blog IS different from most book blogs, but that’s why I like it so much! (And, for the future, if I mention your blog on mine, should I refer to you as BB? Or would you prefer something else?)

  2. Thank you, Cass. You can refer to me as BB(short for Bookish Butch) or anything you like:-) I always enjoy your blog,
    I find it informative and most importantly, Sunny.

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