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Love in the pandemic

Hello everyone,

hope you are all doing excellently.

Today is Monday,

Victoria Day in Canada,

long weekend,

it couldn’t be prettier,

gorgeous day.

Today marks,

ten weeks of lockdown

wow, long time.

I haven’t written in a while,

I’ve been busy,

getting to know,

a special someone.

The world of dating,

of courting,

of love,

has changed so much,

in the last few decades.

But has it?

Do people still meet in bars?

Do friends and family,

still play matchmaker?

Of course they do!

People still meet at work,

still meet at the gym,

at church,

at music festivals,

but in the Spring of 2020,

they meet in none of those ways,

in the Spring of 2020,

with a pandemic,

at our doors,

people need to “meet”,

to “talk”,


social media,

people need to connect in,

whatever way,

they can,

phone, email, chat, text,

face time.

This might sound strange,


is courting,

in the time of pandemic,

really very different from,

the letter writing of the 19 th century?

We don’t have three times a day,

mail delivery,


what we have now,

is send.


We can be brief or we can,

spend hours crafting a,

love letter,


sensual ode.

In 1845, Robert Browning,

an aspiring poet,

wrote to Elizabeth Barrett,

an established poet,

five years his senior,

he wrote in his first letter to her:

I love your verses with all my heart dear Miss Barret…I do,as I say, love these books with all my heart-and I love you too

Talk about declaring your intentions!

He fell in love with her words,

her words were her poems,

a direct window into her soul.

He was younger,

she was a frail woman,

who lived under the rule of a,

tyrannical father and yet,

with so many roadblocks,

and societal constraints,

they made it.

Theirs is a epic love story.

They made it, they loved,


in their daily lives.

romantic sigh

I hear lots of people,



Be practical,

find a someone close to home.

I say,

love is not practical,

love is …everything,

it is not the place for compromise.

These are some of my thoughts of love,

in the pandemic.

Be well, stay heathy

Later girls,


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Ahhhh, now I know why you are dancing in the kitchen and have happier posts. Good for you 😉

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