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Love, discernment and all …in the heat

Hello all,

hope your are all keeping well,

it has been insanely hot,


in my beautiful ugly,

the past few days,

steel sun and no air,

we hit a high of 42 Celsius,


once the humidex,

had been accounted for,

that translates to,

lose your mind heat.

But, as I write this,

the wind has shifted,

rain and cooler weather are coming,


Every time the temperature rises,

into the high 30’s,

I think to myself that the tropics,

are not in the cards for me,

too darn hot.

Been busy,

lots going on,

finished my first year of EFM*,

learned a lot,

met some great people,

read some excellent books,

all of this has lead me,

further along,

my path of discernment,

my journey in faith.

New avenues of exploration,

are opening up.


Mom is finally better,

she had a very tenacious bug,

it lasted for months,

that seems to,


have worked,

it’s way out of her system,

all tests came back negative.

It was challenging,

to say the least,

in this pandemic era,

to get things done,

but, with a good physician,

and much,

hoop jumping,

we have managed.


The most joyous aspect,

of my busyness,

has been,

getting to know,

getting to love,

a wonderful woman.

Life has blessed me in love,

I have known wonderful,


experienced much love,

it hasn’t always been easy.

Who said it would be?


why should it be?

Love is worth working for,

love is worth sacrificing for,

love is worth dying for,

love is,


Obstacles, barriers are no biggie,

when you find someone,

who gets you,

who you get,

love isn’t hard,

life is,

and yet, everyday,

I know just how lucky I am,

to be alive,

and I thank God.

Be well you all.

Later girls,


*EFM=Education for Ministry

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