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Loud and Proud

Good morning all,

it’s a gorgeous,

Saturday morning,


in my beautiful ugly.

The sky is blue,

the sun is shinning,

the birdies are singing,

and the cat is sleeping,

all is well with the world.

Today is the first day of August.

In Montreal,

August is Pride month.


is when,

more even,than the rest of the year,

we celebrate our,


our diversity,

we celebrate,

the pretty and flamboyant,

colours of our rainbow.


I have been asked,

why are Pride celebrations necessary?

People are people,

why should distinctions,

be made?

Although this,

comes from a good place,


it also comes from,

an incredibly,

naive place,

a disconnected view,

of the world.

There are also,

those who ask

why isn’t there hetero pride?

This comes from a,


and slightly angry place,

the same place as,

the men’s rights movement,

the same place as the,

All Lives Matter people.

It used to make,

my blood boil,

when people wished ,

they could celebrate,

being straight.

How clueless,

could they be???

The whole world,

is set up for white,

straight people,

all of it,

if you think that is,

an overstatement,

you need to take a,

good long look,

in your mirror,

and adjust your,

privilege blind spot,

we all have them, sort of.

I grew up Gay,

I was not ostracized,

by my family,

I was who I was,

I was lucky enough,

to be born and raised,

in a civilized city,

in a mostly civilized,


I suffered very little,

overt homophobia,

with me it was more,

not having ,

role models,

rarely seeing,

women like me,

reflected in,

the movies,

on television,

in the media,

when there were,


they rarely came,

to a good end,

in fact,

they often died,

a violent death,

and they never,

got the girl,


This began to change,

as I became an adult,

there were more,

people living honest,

open lives,

expressing that we were,

no better and no worse,

than anyone else.

I was never forced to,

live my life,

in the closet.


I have never taken,

my right to marry,

for granted,

because it is relatively,

recent and,

periodically some,

conservative noise,

is made of a possible,

defense of marriage,


I am grateful to those,

who put their reputations,

their livelyhoods,

and often lives ,

in danger,

so that we could be free er.

Just as women’s rights,

have come a long way,

so have gay rights,

but we aren’t there yet,

and the rights of our,

Trans gendered,

sisters and brothers,

are really not there.

That’s why Pride,

is necessary,

that’s why protests,

are necessary,

I hope that some day,

all of us can be loud and proud,

of whatever and whoever,

we are.


Be well,

stay safe,

wear your masks,

be kind to each other.

I love you all.

Later girls,


p.s expect more stuff on Pride

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