Today is,

my second day off,

feeling pretty mellow,


for me:-)

Listening to Cat Stevens,

I know,

what can I say?

I like old hippie music,

it soothes the savage butch.

I’ve been uber serious lately,

I’m thinking,

I’ve been bumming,

everyone out.

little black cloud butch, go home!

So today,

I thought I would share some,

silly and fun and hopefully inspiring,

Spring things,


butch style,



you know Spring!

It ain’t Spring yet,


it’s coming,

yeah baby:-P

A few things I would like to add,

to my spring clothing arsenal,

some this year,

some next,


Operation Gut Reduction,

is an ongoing process,

’cause neither Rome,

nor this gut were built,

in a day.


Next Fall,

I plan on killing it,

in a tweed blazer,

not unlike,

one of my style icons

I won’t by wearing a tie,

BB don’t do ties,


killer look,

herringbone tweed, chambray shirt, bandana hankie,


Also loving this shade of jeans,

British Khaki, tobacco,

dark beige, light brown, saddle,

whatever name your favourite haberdasher,

uses to designate this colour,

it rocks,

slightly dressier and classier than,

blue jeans,

with the same sense of fun,


rugged good looks,

to my mind,

very butch,

bookish and bohemian,



traditional and prep,

has it all,

in the right cut and fit,

I think so,

Pinned Image

Of course I would wear socks,

I don’t get this sockless obsession,

good for sandals and boat shoes,

that’s it,

I don’t wear either,

so the only time,

you will find me,


slippers or bed:-)

I also need a good shaker knit,

the one I have is ancient,



that’s a good thing,

so instead of my fall back,

navy blue,

I thought I’d mix it up,

a bit,


find something like this,

Pinned Image

Love this shade of green,

always have,

I got into the habit,

of not wearing much green,

years ago,

was my ex’s favourite colour,

so I would avoid green,


she would avoid blue,

so we wouldn’t look like,

the Bobsey twins,

no danger of that anymore,

we don’t look much alike,


to me we never did, but, people have a superficial way of seeing people, brown hair, short hair, glasses, heavy set and of similar age for some people, spells: look alikes. Sorry, ramblin’

So I think more green,

it will match my whole,


I like the look of blue and green,

not all of them,


I only wear two or three,

shades of each,


to me they look good.

The thing with style,

it isn’t what others are wearing,

that’s fashion,

or what the stores are pushing,

that’s trend.

Style is your own interpretation,

of all of the above,

what makes you feel,

good about yourself,


the image you are putting forth,

to the world.

I think of myself,

as laid back,




with a bit of an edge,



not jagged,

I don’t want to look,

like everyone else,


I don’t want to stand out,

too much.

that’s my style,

if that makes any sense.



you were promised,


Sunshine and greenery

seedlings and sapplings

Pure sweetness!



Melt my heart




Calf and cat,

if that ain’t Spring I don’t know what is.

Check him out, getting it done!-waxed.cotton

Big dreams,

make us feel like pups all over again.


yeah I know it’s cliche,


I love

Les escaliers de Montmartre (1930)

in the Springtime


Tell BB what you are looking forward to,

in the Spring,


the smell of grass?

the warmth of the sunshine?

whatever it is,

share, ok?

Be well ladies.

Later girls,


***all of these pictures come from my Pinterest page or Bathwater, my favourite picture blog***

***except for Menswear dog, of course****






4 Replies to “Looking to Spring”

  1. I’ve had “Early Morning Rain” pop up in a mix I’ve been listening to lately as well: funny how certain songs can bring out the calm. I was sorry to read about the news of your store closing and can imagine how conflict-soaked that entire process must be, all the ups and downs and the tug between the extremes. I hope it goes as well as it can go, and that the best of what you’re hoping for is only a glimmer of the unexpectedly good things that you can’t conceive of yet, on “this” side of “that” big change. In the meantime, as you’ve said elsewhere, the “old” favourite things can offer some comfort as we ride those sharp corners ahead.

  2. Thank you for your kind words and yes, it’s hard but, going well. Funny I was listening to Lightfoot yesterday as well, it does help the familiar and comforting. Nice to have you back:-)

  3. Hunh,. I meant to mention “Morning Has Broken”, on the Cat Stevens theme, but it’s true that Lightfoot’s song was in the mix as well. Guess it’s more a-blur-of-nostalgia in the end!

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