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Life is all about-challenges

Happy 2019 to all of you.

The first week of the year is done, woo hoo.

Here’s hoping you all had some great holidays.

Mine were lovely.

Christmas Eve was church and mom and a movie,

also fancy hors d’oeuvres and French wine,

life is good.

On Christmas day we had lunch with our,

good friends.

On New Year’s eve we were invited to a party,

some wonderful neighbours of ours,

had a party for a few of the neighbours,

it was lovely, it was luxe,

but also,

super friendly,

a great way to bring in the New Year.

New Year’s day we had friends over,

for lunch and on the 2 nd,

I went to Burlington with ,

a dear friend.

So, my holidays were great,

a combination,

of social and quiet.

I expect 2019 will be a year,

of great change,

and –challenges.

I will be meeting shortly,

with a career counsellor,

makes me sound like I am in high school, lol

I need help in going forward,

career wise,

I no longer want to work in,

call centers,

customer service,

market research,

or retail.

I have done that,

and I have the greatest of respect for people,

who go to work everyday,

in difficult fields,


in not great conditions,

and, with,


or no -respect received,

it’s hard,

really hard.

I find myself at a point in my life,


I want to feel like I am making,

a difference,

like I am contributing,

to the world, to society.

I don’t need it to be easy,

I need it to have meaning.

Meaning to me,

I want something that lines up,

with my beliefs,

with my core values,

of social justice,

of love of your fellow human,

I want something,

that will enable me to use,

my language skills,

my people skills,

my life experience,

I also want something,

that will allow me to be who,

I am.

It took me a long time,

to be,


I like who I am,

I would just like to be,

an employed,


I hope over the next little while,

to find some answers or opportunities,

and to continue on ,

with my creative projects.

Here is wishing all of you,

A Happy, healthy, prosperous, productive,

New Year.

Be well, my friends

Later Girls


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