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Things have changed, right?

Good day everyone,

it’s morning for me but, who knows when you all will read this

A hot and humid day,

is upon us,

here in,

my beautiful ugly.

The fourth major heat wave,

of the Spring and Summer,



The weather types,

are saying,

it will last ,

’til Saturday, at least,


With my knee throbbing,

and work to be done,

staying inside,

in relative climate control,

is not a bad thing.

Stay cool, drink water, if you do venture out, wear a mask., please

I’ve been busy.

Work, bible study, social stuff.

I even went out on,

Monday evening,

it was a small gathering,

social distancing and,

all precautions were,

taken, it was wonderful.

I had such a good time.

It felt so good to talk,

about books and film,

about politics,

and the,

disturbingly fascinating times,

in which we live.

The people who I hung out with,

are friends, not yet close friends,

but, well on the way to being.

They are smart, personable, funny,

kind and caring.

I find their company,


It was a small gathering,

it was outdoors,

there were six of us,

we ate on our laps,

some of us had wine,

some of us,

did not,

it was great.

We talked books,

three of us had or were,

in the process of reading,


Glennon Doyle’s book,

there is a lot in that book,

about perception,

and how people/society,

perceive feminine roles,

about the questions,






that people,

ask you when you ‘become’ gay.

I use the quotation marks, to frame ‘become’ because Glennon is in her first Gay relationship with the woman she married, a world famous soccer player, Abby Wambaugh. Coming from a very straight white soccer mom kind of world, people are shocked at her ‘choice’

One of the women there,

was a little surprised that people,

would question,

such a choice,

we live in a world where,

gender is so much more fluid,


I think that is a valid point.

Being Gay, Queer, Bi, Trans,

any colour of the rainbow,

is much more ‘acceptable’,

than it used to be.

I can say as a gay woman,

a butch gay woman,

a masculine of center gay woman,

masculine of centerMasculine of center (MoC), which, in its evolving definition, recognizes the cultural breadth and depth of identity for lesbian/queer women and gender nonconforming/trans people who tilt toward the masculine side of the gender spectrum, including a wide range of identities such as butch, stud, non-binary, transgender, genderqueer, androgynous, transmasculine, boi, etc. Very similar in meaning to transmasculine.

The term was coined by B. Cole of the Brown Boi Project.”Yeah, I’m genderqueer, but I tilt more toward the masculine side. I guess you could say I’m masculine of center.” source Urban Dictionary

I rarely get questions,

but, as a church going Christian,

I do occasionally,

get the sugar coated,

tolerance stance,

and I get the aggressive,

‘how can you be a Christian?

don’t you know they hate us?’

from militant atheist types,

both stances are exhausting,

both are kind of,


Tolerance is better,

than persecution,

but who are people to tolerate me??

People who put all Christians,

in the same boat,

bug the crap out of me,

as well.

The point I am trying to make,


I have always been gay, a lesbian,

never anything but, that.

I didn’t come out to my parents,

I brought my girlfriend home,

it never occurred to me,

it would,

bother them.

In retrospect that was a lot to ask in the 80’s without prepping them, but they were fine, better than fine. Later there were questions and sometime comments about lifestyle but they weren’t very serious and they came from love

I suspect the woman,

who made the comment,

about it being a much more,

gender fluid world is also,

a life long Queer woman.

I suspect,

from reading Untamed,

from listening to friends,

who came out later in life,

who fell in love with a woman,

a shock to them,

in some cases,

from left field.

In other cases ,

it was,



that longing and ache for the first time.

I agree that,

sexuality and gender are fluid,

I also think we live in a world,

that is more accepting of it,

than it used to be,


there is still much ignorance,

surrounding sexuality,

some of it willful,

some of it just clueless.

As good people,

we need to call out,

the willful stuff,

and educate, gently,

the clueless .

Be well you all.

Later girls,


2 replies on “Things have changed, right?”

Yes! To all of this!
And the part that I love most about this post is the validation that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ coming out story. We all have some kind of story. The diversity of that Knowing is part of what makes queer culture. Not everyone takes the time to pay attention and acknowledge their Knowing. 🙂

Hi Jennifer,thanks for the comment:-) You have a way of synthesizing what I am saying into a few lines,I love that! If ever bookish butch becomes a book or more than one, I should ask you to write the back cover. Thank you for your support and astute reading, big hug

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