Today was one of my regular library visits.

I had a whole bunch of books to bring back,

very heavy.

Some of those books I reviewed and really enjoyed.

The Collected Stories Of Raymond Carver and James Agee’s Death In The Family.

Both wonderful and well worth reading.

I had also taken out a Scandinavian mystery for mom, Joe Nesbo.

She didn’t like it but, she did love the Peter Robinson from the same visit.

I also enjoy Robinson,

his Inspector Banks is as interesting as Rankin’ s Rebus.

Today I got Philip Kerr’ s  Berlin Noir,

 which is a mystery trilogy set in Berlin in the thirties.

There has been major enthusiasm about this series.

That one is for mom but, I hope to have time to read it as well.

In my continued quest to read all things James Agee.

I have checked out Agee: Film Writing and Selected Journalism.

Cinema is one of my great loves.

I have often heard James Agee referred to as a master of film criticism.

I guess I’ll find out if I agree.

Several months ago,

 I read a book by Larry McMurtry,

Books: A Memoir.

I enjoyed it immensely and told myself I should read more McMurtry.

Lonesome Dove is supposed to be masterful and his best work.

Honestly, it’ s too big,

 I don’t want to read a book that is over 700 pages right now.

Too many in my to read pile.

So, I took out Cadillac Jack, about a rodeo cowboy,

 who becomes a antique scout,

a picker,

sounds like a hoot.

I enjoy the world of antiques.

I will as usual keep you all updated.

Take Care

Later girls


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