It’s not raining,


if ,

the level,

of dampness,

in the air,

is any,


it should start,

pretty soon,


Just so,

you don’t think,

I’m the only one,

who talks,



and weather,

and to add,

a little bit,

of credence,

I feel a bad moon a risin’ I feel trouble in the air I know we’re in for nasty weather don’t come around tonight it’s bound to take your life there’s a bad moon on the risin’- Credence Clearwater Revival <wink, nudge, wink>

to my theory,

of Canadians,


obsessed with,

the weather,

you should read this,,

of course,

it’s not only,

about the,


It’s a lovely piece,


a funny,



who makes me,


and makes me,


Do yourself a favour,

check it out:-)

This morning,

I had cabin fever,

so I headed for,

the library,

usually busy,

on a rainy Sunday,


today was,

freebie day,

for the,

Montreal Museums,

so the hoards,

who usually,


the library,

were invading,

the museums:-)

I was right,

quiet at the library,

the metro?

woo hoo,

that was,

another story,

hot and humid,


times like these, I think maybe the suburbs wouldn’t be so bad, usually lasts half a second:-)

I survived,

the trip,

and met up,

with my friend,

the tycoon,

we meet there,

once in a while,

and usually grab lunch.

I took out,

Annie Dillard’s book,

The Writing Life,

it came highly,


and I got myself,

Ivan Coyote’s novel,

Bow Grip,

I really liked,

Close to Spiderman,

I like her perspective,

and wanted to,

read more.

I also have,

Drag King Dreams,

by Leslie Feinberg,

I’ve read,

only twenty pages,

or so,

I had a long hard week,

full of commitments,

so it didn’t leave,

much time for reading.

Next week,

is the dreaded sidewalk sale,

I hate it,

kind of like,

visiting the dentist,


the gynecologist,

the same day:-)

This year,

I’m thinking positive,

I need a good week,

maybe drugs,

would help:-)

One thing is for sure,

coming home,

to a good book,

will help.

Later girls,


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