I’m back,

the sky is now,

pearl grey,

my thoughts are,

much clearer,

and all in all,

pretty positive.

A walk down,

my street,

La Catherine,

always does it.

I still have the parka,


the woolen cap,

is gone,

put away,

’til next winter,

I hope.

My favourite ball cap,

has taken it’s place,

a camel coloured Gap,

State Champions 1969,


I was four years old in 1969,

still it’s my favourite,

frames my face best,

and looks good,

with the rectangular,

frames of my glasses.

The library was calm,

nice day,

sort of,

people out and about.

I walked from,

St-Denis all the way to Guy,

my heart will thank me later,

I hope,

I was doing a little,

spring cleaning,

of the mind,

the cobwebs,

the stale air.

I was making room,

I hope it worked.

I picked up,


like I said I would,

also a Jeanette Winterson,

I’m sure,

I’ve read,


seems to be missing,

from my bookshelf,

The Powerbook,

must have loaned it out.

I think I’ll read a while,

I don’t seem to have much,

to say.

Later girls,


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