Last night, although I was tired,

I decided to watch the hockey game.

The Habs have been on a loosing streak,

 so I figured I might get bummed.

Oh me of little faith!

With a little over two minutes to go,

 they tied the game,

and won,

in overtime,

against The Bruins,


OK, I know some of you are thinking,

hockey, opera, … what’s next?

You know girls,

BB is a complexe woman,

more than one thing going on.

We will now desist from using the royal we,

and recount our library visit.

I enjoyed my recent reads.

The Tenants and Brideshead Revisited,

both excellent.

I figured I would only pick up a few,

 on today’s library visit,

since I’m waiting on,

The Price Of Salt and Parnassus on Wheels,

both on reserve.

For some time,

I have been wanting to explore some of the,

New York Review Books Classics.

Thomas at, My Porch,

an excellent book blog,

enjoyed Stoner by John Williams. 

I trust Thomas’ taste.

It is the story of William Stoner,

bet you thought it was about pot smokers, huh?

a midwestern farmer’s son,

 who falls in love with literature,

while studying agriculture,

 at the University Of Missouri.

The second book I took out,

 is The Library Of America’s,

Willa Cather: Later Novels,

it includes The Professor’s House,

also a Thomas favourite,

So, apparently,

 it will be an all Midwestern week here at,

Bookish Butch.

Later girls


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