Today was a scorcher,

or as the Fonz would,

have said,


Forgive the seventies flashback, please:-)

I took the metro,

to the library,

not too busy,

a pretty sunny day,

and the last of,

the long weekend.

The metro felt like, I would imagine a Turkish bath to be like, never been to Turkey or a Turkish bath, but, my body thinks, sweltering, hot and sticky.

The library was cool,

the magic of,

air conditioning,


I took out,

a few Donna Leon books,

for mom,

she loves those,

 set in,



and I got myself some,

Ivan Coyote,

I’m crushing on her,



I read her,

as a strong butch voice,

since we are,

of similar age,

it really speaks to me.

I was lucky to find,

two of her story collections,

I haven’t read,

Missing Her,


The Slow Fix.

Coyote has this,

strange effect on me,

she makes me want to be,

a better writer,

or give up,


this effect is,




food for thought:-)

As I was heading out,

of the library,

I spotted these,

used book seller,


and I can’t help,


when I see such things,

I gotta look,

it’s a disease.

I’m glad I stopped,

I picked up,

three books for two bucks.

Tom Brown’s School Days,

a sort of ratty copy,

of this children’s classic,

it’s a title that has,

intrigued me for years.

This copy,

has a name,

on the first page,

James C McGill,

July 3rd 1919,

I just had to rescue it,

from oblivion,

for James’ sake.

Another book,

was one of those,

college course type books,

Nine Modern Classics: An Anthology of Short Novels.

It includes,







a good book to have.

To hold or sell,

should I choose to sell,

it’s a no brainer,

I’ll get my two bucks back,

just for that book,


I didn’t buy it,

with that intention,

I’ve never read,

Kafka or Conrad,

and I figured,

this way,

I can try both.

The book that really excited,

my imagination,

was a pristine,


first edition,


 Our Lady Of The Lost And Found,

by Diane Schoemperlen.

Ms Schoemperlen,

is a fine,

Canadian Writer.

This novel,

won the Governor General’s Award for Fiction.

The GG’s as they are now,

often called,

are probably and arguably,

Canada’s most prestigious,

Literary Prizes.

I read this book,

a few years ago,

it was published,

in 2001.

It is a book,

of maturity,


and tongue in cheek humour.

A must read,

in my opinion.

Since, reading it,

I have bought all,

of the lady’s books,


and in hardcover,

I don’t do that with,

 many authors,

pretty much,

John Irving,


Diane Schoemperlen.

She deserves to be read.

I’m going to re-read it soon,

and tell you,

what I think,

it left quite an impresion,

let’s hope,

it sticks:-)

Well it’s late,

I better get some sleep,

while it’s cooler,

Later girls,


5 Replies to “Library visit, Coyote and Schoemperlen, women to read”

  1. You really must read Missed Her by Ivan Coyote. It is the only Coyote I’ve read but ohhhhh I’m in love!!

  2. Damn damn DAMN!!! I have an autographed copy of The Slow Fix sitting here with your name on it, literally! Why didn’t I mail it sooner?!!
    Well, at least when you get it, it’ll be your very own, instead of a library copy… Though I suspect you’re hardly the sort to care if a volume’s been well-loved 😉

  3. Autographed!! be still my heart, really?? You’re sure you want to part with it??
    You’ll let me send you something in return right?? You’re the best, I love Ivan, so much,
    she’s the butch I aspire to be 🙂

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