It is a gorgeous day,



The Habs beat,

the Bruins,

again last night,

Go Habs Go:-)

I just got back from,

the library,

brought back,

Les Liaisons Dangereuses,


Blood Meridian.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses,

was very well written,

and very,



the characters were,

pretty much,


It kind of bummed,

me out on certain aspects,

of human nature.

Blood Meridian,

I didn’t have time to even try,

I would have renewed,

but it was,

on reserve,

maybe some other time:-)

The reading of my friend’s,

manuscript on,


has got me busy,


has re-awakened,

my dormant interest in,





I poked around,

the history stacks,

at the library,

and took out,

a one volume,


of the Journals Of Lewis and Clark.

Been a long time,

since I read about,

the exploration of,

the North American continent,

and I don’t know much,

about Lewis and Clark.

Save for my PBS education, American Experience, Rocks:-)

So, after Anarchism,

and its development,

in the 19 th century,

it will be,

the exploration of the Mississippi,

in the 18 th century.

Well, Im off

Later girls,


2 Replies to “Library Visit”

  1. Hmmmm…human nature. Interesting stories about an interesting time in history, Dangerous Liaisons…. en francais. Perhaps the stories we tell are not about the easy aspects of human nature, but about the other sides of it; the harder, darker, more challenging sides; or the effects that certain things have on certain people: the effects of power, of prestige, of money, of seduction — in contrast to every day life, as warnings. Human nature also encompasses empathy and goodness. But those books are harder to sell and don’t always make for bestsellers. Wonder why that is..? 😉

  2. Same reason serial killer trading cards exist , some people are fascinated by the ugly and the evil and yet most people live goods lives, you’re right they don’t make for bestseller material, go figure.

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