Library visit

It’s going to be a cold one.

The sky is blue but, only five degrees.

The Canadiens lost again last night.

Last night, I went to the Library.

I’m doing some background reading for an idea I have for an article.

One of the books I picked up is, Gender queer: voices from beyond the sexual binary.

I have recently become interested in the transitioning phenomenon,

 and I need more info.

Also I have been reading a blog, the dirt by dirt.

Man , some very angry stuff being said on both sides.

I don’t really like this sides attitude.

The, if you’re not with us you’re against us, school of confrontation.

My position has always been,

 can’t we talk with respect and try to get along.

Really issues, require real thought.

The blog is interesting and makes valid points but,

there is much acidity.

I’m also reading a fabulous book which I should finish, today.

Biting The Apple by Lucy Jane Bledsoe.

My friend, a Toronto writer,

recommended it, she has recommended

many fine books over the last couple of years.

She has impecable taste,

 and has yet, to steer me wrong.

Let you know what I think of  Bitting the Apple, soon.

I also got out of the library,

 a volume containing two novels, by Pat Barker.

Union Street and Blow your House Down.

Many of the British blogs I read, mention Barker,

these sounded right up my alley.

Well, have a good one.

Later girls



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  1. Genderqueer is a great book! I don’t know how well it’s going to help with learning about transitioning, but there are a lot of perspectives included with something for everyone. Hope you like it.

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