On the weekend I went to see a new movie,

Les Amours Imaginaires.

This movie,

 is by La Belle Province’s latest homegrown genius,

 Xavier Dolan.

He made a movie last year,

 that had great critical international success,

 J’ais Tué Ma Mere.

Les Amours Imaginaires, does not suffer from the sophomore jinx,

it is Sublime.

A must see.

It is all about how, sometimes,

 we build up casual, flirtatious relationships,

 into serious love affairs.

In our minds.

It is about unrequited love.

The worst kind of love,

the love that hurts the most,

the one sided type.

Sometimes it borders on the obsession.

I suppose most people have felt it.

I know I have, more than once.

Never been really lucky at love.

Never been  that disastrous either.

Always a little too chicken to attempt getting hurt.

I have loved a few women in my life.

One was my ex,

a superbly intelligent generous woman,

 who is still my best friend.

One ended badly,


And recently,

a situation I will,

 probably be years trying to understand and come to terms with.

Love’s tough.

Love’s grand.

I don’t know.

The movie made me feel as though,

somehow I was part of a tribe.

The confused, the seekers, the romantics or perhaps,


the messed up.

Later girls


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