Labour day weekend,

the last official weekend of the Summer.

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves:-)

I’ve had a terrific weekend so far,

I worked on Saturday,

it was a good day,

sunny, cool, good moods.

Yesterday, was a family BBQ,

my youngest nephew turns four.

We spent the afternoon,

eating vegetables and dip,



and enjoying the sun,

and had a lovely Barbecued salmon dinner,

lots of good humour,


good food.

We talked a lot,

we talked politics a bit,


is the provincial election,

I expected arguments,


idealogical disagreements,

there were none.

We all agree that the government,

we have now is corrupt,


has been there far too long,


we also agree,

that we could do worse,


we are not,


with our choices,

a rock and a hard place.

I will vote tomorrow,

after work,

accompanied by my mother,

who always votes.

I feel the ‘out of touchness’

of our provincial politicians,

more acutely,

than any others,

there seem to be no ideas,

promoted, discussed,

they are all stuck,

in early seventies ideology,


these are tough times,

we need to discuss things,


not emotionally,

we need to stand facing the future,

not glorying or wallowing,

depending on ideological bend,

in the past.

I’m also so sick,

of hearing,

about the hard done by,

middle class,


they’re bloody taxes,

I want to hear about what we will do,

to improve the education,


health systems,

how we can eradicate,



how we are going to fix,

our infrastructure problems,


the environment,


not make the poor,

poorer in the process,

aren’t governments supposed to be,

about governing for the benefit,

of all?

Even those who don’t vote?

Shouldn’t they be about fairness,


social justice?

I know, I’m being naive,


I think if they counted up,

all the votes,

to fringe parties,

plus spoiled ballots etc,

they would see that,

what is thought of as voter apathy,

is more like,

nobody is listening to the voice of the people.

The 1 per cent runs things,

the middle class are brought in,

every few years to validate,

the continuity of corruption,




the rest of us,

have no voices,

unless we have blogs<wink>

This problem of non representation,

is widespread,

just look at the Republican candidates,

for President and Vice-President,


tell me they are in touch,

with the people??

We need to get involved,

we need to make our voices heard,

no matterĀ of tone or accent or leanings,

we need to talk,

in order to talk,

must we vote?

I confess I’m not sure,

perhaps when we all stop legitimising,

their illegitamacy,

we can build again?

What do you think?

Happy Labour Day:-)

Later girls,


2 Replies to “Legitimising their illegitamacy??”

  1. I really hope Obama wins again, but I also hope against hope that the GOP comes back to its senses. It’s as if their courting of the angry white male vote over the last 45 years has cancelled out their legacy as the party of Lincoln.

  2. I agree, Conservative now seems a fire and brimstone thing, they need to get back to their roots, resilience
    and hard work and responsibility, not hard heartedness and greed.

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