Good morning all, 
hope your part of the world,
is bathed in light and Spring...
I love Spring,
not that we do Spring so well,
in my beautiful ugly,
but, still,
I love it

Last night was,
at church.
I know I have written,
about Alpha before,
but for those of you,
wandered over to this,
very personal blog of mine:

is a series of videos, discussions, shared meals,
it is a 'course',
a place,
to ask questions,
about faith, Christianity, Jesus,
our purpose, meaning.
Very deep subjects,
in a welcoming setting.
The videos are high caliber,
well written, thought provoking,
with a note of humor,
this is not preachy or pedantic stuff.
If you have ever had questions,
about faith, about God,
this is a good stop,
the investigative path.
It has been for me.

A year ago,
I participated in Alpha,
for the first time.
Church was a new thing,
for me.
I knew I felt well and at peace,
in church,
I felt welcomed.
solidified my sense of belonging,
it also set me on a course,
of reading and questioning,
it helped shape some of my questions.

Fast forward a year and I am,
participating in Alpha for,
the second time.
I have grown in my faith in this, 
time, so much.

Reading, prayer, worship,
all has helped in building my faith.

Those of you who read my blog,
know, that mine is not, 
an unexamined life.

I reflect, ruminate, 
less and less,
obsess about,
my life,
it's direction,
it's meanderings.

Church, Alpha, faith,
has helped me be much more,
centered, calm,
filled with peace.

I do realize this might sound,
a little bit cooky to some of you,
but, hey, works for me

I have been asked by my church,
to speak,
to share my journey of faith,
it has been very present in,
my thoughts

Have a wonderful day, you all,
be well.

Later girls,

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