Nice day,

the best of Summer,

people smilling,

in a good mood,


clear blue light.

I had a good day,

at the bookstore,

some weirdos,


nothing to push,

me over the edge:-)

I had some time,

to think,

and let,

my mind wander,


for some reason,

a movie review,

I had read,

over breakfast,

stuck in my mind,

it was about a new,

French movie,


Kristin Scott Thomas,

I love her,

she’s beautiful,

in a very,


British way.

I like English girls,

always have,

she is,

a perfect example,



not flashy,

still waters,

I like a woman,

that looks,

as if it might,

take you,

a while,

to discover,

to peel,

the layers.

Scott Thomas,

represents for me,

that mystery,

that underlying,


very still,


I first admired,

her in,

The English Patient,


last year,

I saw her,

in a French movie,

Il y a Longtemps que je t’aime,

a movie,

not much seen,

outside of France,

and certain parts,

of La Francophonie.

In this movie,

she plays a woman,

recently released,

from prison,

and renewing with,

her life and family,

it is a performance,

of stilness,

of silence,

of nuance,

she should have won,

an Oscar.

The French adore,

la belle Anglaise,

and they have,

given her career,

a second life,

the French cinema,


to have more,

place for,

mature women,

Catherine Deneuve,

Isabelle Hupert,

Julliette Binoche,

Fanny Ardant,

and Kristin Scott Thomas.

It’s nice to see,


over forty,



other than mothers,

or grandmothers,





in the prime of life,

La Belle Anglaise,

is a good example,

I think.

In Praise Of Older Women,


Later girls,


4 Replies to “La Belle Anglaise”

  1. Oh I so agree with You on Scott Thomas. I first saw her in a TV-miniseries back in the mid ’90 – playing a nun 😉 and I loved her as Fiona in “Four Weddings and a Funeral” – she has a classic look and a sweet – slightly sad – smile.

  2. “The English Patient” highlights how very American I am! It was soooo slow! I felt like Elaine from Seinfeld, “Die! Just Die Already!”….that said, KST is easy on the eyes and although it took many viewings for me to appreciate her performance (given that the focus was Hugh Grant and Andie M.–I love Andie M., even though she is such a bad actress:-) ! Try watching any of her movies, she is so bad that it is entertaining!) I loved her in “Four Weddings and a Funeral”.

    I wish that movie makers made more place for women over forty. Meryl Streep seems to be the only woman who has been able to buck the system. Unfortunate.

  3. The English Patient, being Canadian:-) I liked. But, my favourite Kristin Scott Thomas is the French film
    Il Y A Longtemps Que Je T’aime. Andie, so cute and yes, terrible actress but, who can resist Groundhog Day,
    one of the best comedies ever and so deep. Let’s drink to world Peace (wink)

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