The heat has  finally broken.

Now, we have grey, heavy, humidity but, in all that, there is,


It’s a well known fact that Canadians are obsessed with the weather.

 All Canadians. French, English, Native and after a few months, New Canadians. 

Three great unifiers from coast to coast to coast-

 talking about the weather, beer, and hockey.

I, myself,  have spent hours discussing this year’s weather compared to last year’s,

 and why my beloved  Montreal Canadiens should or should not trade a particular player.

 Beer is not my big thing , although when I need to tie one on, that is where I turn,

left over from my college days, when beer was a cheap way to get drunk,

 and to have the courage to try to get laid.

I feel a beer binge coming on!

As you all know, I have been feeling crappy and a little bit down on myself  lately.

I have been giving long thought to my future and what I should do and what  I really want.

Woe is me.

I gotta tell I’m not one of those  in the now  people.

 If I was, maybe I would be happier,


I’m not unhappy, I’m dissatisfied.

 So I figured I’d read a book about trying to get your life out of a rut.

I saw the movie and loved it.

 My ex highly recommended it and since she doesn’t usually read that kind of stuff,

she likes these political or adventure thrillers or what I refer to as guy books,

 I figured I’d give it a try.

So I read, Julie and Julia.

Well, you know what it’s fun.

 A funny well written walk through our overindulgent, over educated, over angsted world.

 It made me feel better,

 I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with  the minutia of my life and who searches desperately for meaning.

A good book. Occasionally gross, funny, modern.

Not a great work of literature but, not an insult to your intelligence.

I was watching television last night,

 and happened on a seminar given by a psychiatrist,

 he said something that really freaked me out.

 It is estimated that in the next 20 years,

 the disease that will be second only to cardio-vascular disease in the number of sufererers on the planet is—-


Talk about a kick in the ass.

So whatever helps all of us keep the black dogs at bay is good.

Romance novels,


 working your way through a cookbook,

reading about working your way through a cookbook,

 quitting your job,



short of murder or hurting those you love,

 go for it.

Beer anyone?

Duck en croute anyone?

Later girls


4 Replies to “Julie and Julia, will make you feel better about your life”

  1. I hope that the book is better than the movie. I found the “Julia” half of the movie delightful. The “Julie” half, whiny and really uninteresting. Why would Julia Child want to meet someone who was in essence appropriating her life’s work?

  2. Well, it wasn’t the best book I ever read, but, it was just what the doctor ordered, at the time. I didn’t find her
    as whiny as that Eat, Pray, Love, woman- couldn’t get past the first chapter of that!! I figure the movie must be better,
    because Julia Roberts tends to make things sunnier and more appealing, but that’s just me:-)

  3. Nope. The movie is no better than the book, even with Julia Roberts. I downloaded the book from itunes. Thought it would make a good change to morning radio. It didn’t. How bad did I think it? I ERASED IT! I Never erase ‘anything’…but this book was so bad that I wouldn’t even admit to having it in any form!

    I started off watching the movie, but soon I was cleaning as it continued…that’s what I do when a movie that I have rented is bad but I want to continue to give it a shot…I listen as I get other stuff done. If it gets better, then I stop to watch, but if the next thing I know, the credits are rolling, well then, that’s that…:-)

    But maybe you like JR enough to endure the movie; but, really if you need a JR fix, just watch “Notting Hill”…

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