It’s snowing…. books

It’s snowing,



oh well,

’tis the season,

and we wouldn’t want,

to not,

have a white Christmas,

would we,


oh well,

it’s perty,

that’s something,


Good time,

to read,


I have tons,

of good things,

to read,

some light stuff,

some deep stuff,


some original,


new…ish stuff.

I have been reading,

a surprising book,

it’s called,

The Couch Sessions,

by Jeff O’Brien.

I met Jeff when he walked,

into my bookstore,

a sweet and personable guy,


told me he had written,

a book,


when it was published,

would I agree to sell and display it,

in my bookstore.

He needed to get it,

copy edited,

and published,


by the time,

it was done,

these things take time, never good to rush something that isn’t ready, it’s a book not a blog:-)

I had closed the bookstore.

I got a copy from Jeff,

a few weeks ago.

I expected it to be,


Jeff was a stand up comic for quite a while

what I didn’t expect,


it is a truly original voice.

A voice of his generation,

I think,

very different from mine.

Full of despair and yet,

love and kindness,

a voice,

very individualistic,



caring about the world,

we all share.

I like it,

a lot,

very interesting turns of phrase.

I’ve never read anything like it.

I haven’t read much,

of it,

bit of a reader’s block,



what I have read,

leads me to believe it’s worth,

my time and that it will,

leave behind,

many thoughts,



I don’t think anyone ends their life without thought; it could look that way from afar,but a ledge begs reflection. We never question someone’s happiness, but we are too quick to question the sincerity of someone’s sadness. Why is that?

It’s sad when the reason for taking our lives gets lost in ignorant translation. It’s sad when the opinion of others become the gospel on our legacy….

Yep, interesting turn of phrase.

I’ll give a full review when I finish,


I’ll give the info on acquisition,

in case any of you,

would like to encourage,

a new voice.

I also received two review copies,

of new lesbian fiction,

as Walter Matthau said in Grumpy Old Men, ‘hmm, yummy, lesbians'( WINK)

and this morning,

the mailman brought a surprise,

a book,

from Amazon,

from my girl (thump, thump goes my heart)

it is the latest Ali Liebegott,


looks amazing.

So as I stated at the first,

it’s snowing books


Hope it’s doing the same,

at your house.

Be well

Later girls,


By Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my mid early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream


  1. Thanks for the Couch Sessions teaser – you have me interested. 🙂

    I wish I had your snow. Ours has melted away completely in the last 24 hrs. We’re now under a flash-flood warning because the ground is semi-frozen and saturated from the 7″ snow melt, and we’re expecting rain. Sigh. Let’s swap, ok? You can take drizzly 45F and I’ll take your chilly snow.

  2. lots of white stuff here, the problem in the city it turns to slush and when the weather gets mild we get freezing snow which is terrible especially we everyone traveling at time of year. I know why you like snow Dee, you are a sports enthusiast, two kinds of people like snow in the city, sporty types and kids:-)
    I think the couch sessions is going to be very good.

  3. Well yes, I love to cross-country ski. And snow makes my job easier – the dogs love to play in it. But I hear you – if you’re in the city snow is a lot more challenging.

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