Lots of rain right now.

The Canadiens lost.

The Alouettes our football team,

 won the Grey Cup.

Back to back wins,

they rock.

The rain even stopped today for their parade,


I’m reading the Daphne Du Maurier,

 My Cousin Rachel.

I’m liking it but, it’s early going

 My cold is still hanging around,

 and making me kind of morose,

will it never end.

I’ve taken to rubbing my chest with Vicks vapor rub,

not an attractive smell but,

The Dude loves it.

Cats are weird.

I’m starting to think about Christmas,

 I like Christmas,

 although I find the fact,

 that it now seems to last 6 weeks,

 a little bit disconcerting.

Some of the things I love about Christmas,

spending time with family,

especially my dad’s family that I seldom see,

I like them they are smart and argumentative.

I love watching my cousin’s kids OD on candy.

Christmas carols,

love them.

My favorites are either the very hokie,

Blue Christmas or Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,

or the sacred O Holy Night( The French Version Minuit Chrétien)

or Adeste Fideles.

I suppose Christmas brings out,

 both the hokie and the sacred,

 in me.

I love to find the perfect Christmas gifts for those I love .

I’m getting my mom this courier bag she has been lusting after.

She doesn’t know about it.

Shh it’s a surprise.

I love to watch It’s a Wonderful Life,

 and The Bells Of St-Mary’s,

 The Santa Clause, The Grinch and,

 of course,

 Charlie Brown.

Wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

What I want for Christmas?

Peace, Love and maybe,

 a woman who thinks I’m the Cat’s Meow.

It’s Christmas you have to believe in magic.

Later girls


this is the first post on Christmas, expect more.

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