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It’s Been a Month

It’s raining, it’s grey,

it’s been a month,

since my mom,


It’s not always hard,

I am sad,

I am tired,

and sometimes,

concentrating is,

more than I can handle.

But, I am getting used to,

the quiet, the solitude.

and then I do laundry,

I wash her bathrobe,

to give away,

and I empty the pockets of,

used kleenex,

and I lose it,

my mom is gone.

I know she’s gone,

I also know,

she lived a full life,

loved, was loved,

I know she didn’t like,

being old.

I miss her.

A part of me,

is gone.

I think that happens,

when you get older,

you’ve lost,

a whole bunch of,


You have hollows,

where you were once full.


love never dies-

I don’t think,

it lives on,

in your heart,

in the air you breathe.

I miss you mom,

tu me manques maman

Later girls,


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