Another gorgeous day,

it’s the full moon,

I’m feeling weird,


in a,



sort of,


The weekend of,

October 21 st.

I will be visiting,

some good friends,

in Toronto.

As part of my trip,

I will be moseying down,


The Australian Boot Company store,



getting another,

pair of Blundstones!!

<contented sigh>

Of course,

we have Blundstones,

in Montreal!

I just want to get them,

in Toronto,

it’s a thing,

don’t ask.


I’m hesitating,

in regards to,





I’m asking you girls,

what do you think?

First choice,

Walnut brown leather lined 550’s,

slightly lighter colour,

than my current,

Stout brown 500 originals.

I don’t know,

not much,


Second choice,


just so you know,

my current personal fave,

Chisel toe leather lined,

in crazy horse brown,

I’m thinking casual,

sort of elegant,

in a flannel butch,

sort of way.

In a pinch,

I could even wear them

to a job interview,


a funeral,

the only two instances,

wear I would never,


blue jeans,


who can resist that,


Third choice,

Same as second,

only in Suede.

They’re nice,


harder to,

keep clean,


not practical,

in our climate.

A totally wild choice,

rounds out the group,

Again chisel toe,

leather lined,


in red.

I think if you plan,

on three pairs or more,

you get the,



as your second pair?

I don’t know,

think job interview,


So, you see my problem,

help me out,

of my sartorial conundrum,


So, this post is a combo,

elements of butch style,


what do we think?

Both of which,

we haven’t had in a while.

I told you,

I was feeling,




a little cheeky,

BB is happy.

So, girls,

tell me what you think,

and thanks.

Later girls,


12 Replies to “Informal boot survey

  1. OMG! RED! RED! RED! BB, Red is the new black or in your case brown! It goes with everything! REALLY! Jeans, slacks, skirts if you must…flannel whatever the occasion! Red has such pizazz too! How can you not?! If you can only have 2 then make the second pair RED!

  2. Really BB, where are your priorities?!? Job interviews and funerals indeed! The decisive factor should be what you would wear on a date.

    The walnut brown says strong, steady and ready to stay the course.

    The suede says soft, tactile, and sensitive. As for those climate concerns, do you really mind getting a little wet?

    The crazy horse brown is, well, self-explanatory.

    And the red… the red hints that there could be more smouldering below (or should that be above?) those fiery soles. The red says passionate. The red could speak volumes.

    Oh my, what a difficult choice lies ahead. Perhaps you should just get one of each?

  3. The crazy horse brown says I’m a rhinestone cowboy and I don’t think you can wear those to a funeral or a job interview.

    I actually favour the walnut brown, conservative yet sleek, also flexible.

  4. Really rhinestone cowboy? I have a pair of stout brown, that are pretty elegant and appropriate job interview wear.
    Hmm, I’m confused. I thought the crazy horse brown was kind of dashing butch about town.
    Thanks for voting:-)

  5. Dear BB: My suggestions are #2 AND #4. What’s wrong with two pairs?? If you can’t choose, do/take/get both or all. Suede is impractical, if practical is what you’re aiming for.

    So … you’re coming here? Wonderful! Just make sure you go home with two pairs of Blunnies. 😉

  6. Well then, since two is out of the question, I’m thinking one of two things:

    1. Get #2 to take you through the fall and winter, and in the Spring, get the red ones: snow and salt will affect the red colour through winter and that might just make you sad.

    2. Throw practicality out of the window, get #4 (red) and buy all the leather and colour protection you can haul back home with you … and have happy red feet through the cold weather and get the other ones in the Spring.

    OR —

    3. Suggest an early birthday present from your people and get both pairs.


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