My Ramblings

In times of stress…

Hello you all,

hope you are all well,

and keeping close to home,

it’s important.

I spend lots of time,

at home,

in my regular routine,

I am unemployed,

and take care of mom.

I’m thinking the job search will be put on hold for a bit

I try to watch things,

to read things,

that uplift or educate,

or entertain.

I am trying to stay away,

from contentious politics,

from gallows humour,

I am humour challenged, that’s a fact

I miss going out and seeing people,

I miss church,

I miss community lunch.

But, my church and others,

are experimenting with digital means,

Supper Club is meeting via Zoom,

so is

my Education For Ministry class,

So far it’s pretty great, we can see each other, In some cases just hear each other but that’s ok. We all met in September and over the fall and winter have developed a good rapport, we get each other, we’ll be fine

I listen to music,

watch movies with mom,

I read, lots of reading,

more than usual even.

I make sure,

I shower and dress everyday,

keep the routine going.

I have been praying,

more than usual,

I have been sitting in on,

morning prayer at Montreal Dio,

from a distance of course,

Yesterday, I watched,

the Indigo Girls live,

it was awesome,

really improved my mood.

Today I am wearing the blue tee,

I bought at Lake George,

on one of the best vacations,

I ever had.

I am keeping contact with people,

I am taking quiet time with God.

Take this seriously people,

you might not get sick but,

really might make others sick.

At the same time,

we need to try and support,

our local buisnesses,

or just buisnesses we care about.

I know first hand how hard it is,

for small buisnesses, with litttle or no margin.

Order from them,

books, coffee, art, whatever.

Be kind to each other,

keep the hugs for later,

and wash your hands.

Be well.

Later girls,


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