My all time favourite novelist, John Irving.

It’s weird,

I am surrounded by books.

In my apartment,


in the bookstore,

I am a member,

in good standing,

of  la Bibliotheque Nationale,

and yet,

I can’t seem to find,

anything I feel like reading!!


very weird.


I have decided to re-read,

John Irving.

I love Irving,

the plaid clad,

intense eyed man,

in his thirties,

intellectual yet,


a sensitive writer,


also a man’s man.

He wrote such strange plots,

about such strange,

and lovable characters.

The middle Irving is,

the man of ideas,

deeply interested,


moral dilemnas,

the great questions,

about faith,

and love,


the difference between,

right and wrong.

His hair has grown gray,


the intensity,

and vigor,

are still there.

The first Irving novel,

I ever read was,

The World According To Garp,

I’ve re-read it a few times,


I haven’t in about five years,

I’ve grown a lot,

in five years,

I wonder if I will love it as much.

So, my plan is to read his novels,

in the order,

in which I first did.



The Hotel New Hampshire,

The Cider House Rules,

will be the first three,

I figure one a month.

October: Garp,

November: Hotel,

December: Cider House,

and then we’ll see in January,


I’m not quite sure,

which I read next,

and there are two,

I’ve never read,

Son Of The Circus,


The Water Method Man.

I’d love it if some of you,

would join me.

For some,

it could be,


a brilliant writer,

and for others,


an old friend.

Think about it.

Let me know.

You know where to find me:-)

Later girls,



2 Replies to “I’m going back to Irving”

  1. I started an Irving reread this summer after finishing “Last Night In Twisted River” – a lovely and true John Irving story! To me it felt like Irving returning to his old self. I was loosing touch with him after having been disappointed by “Until I Find You”, “Widow For One Year” and “The Fourth Hand”.

    My reread took me through the “The 158-pound Marriage” and “The World According To Garp” – the first felt outdated or perhaps I’m just old-fashioned (I don’t agree with wife swapping) and “Garp” … well I still love the story but somehow it felt much more sad than the story I remember fondly from years ago. Through the middle part of the story I feel an urge to “kick” Garp in the butt and tell him to move on!

    The slight disappointment with my reread of “Garp” put a stop to my rereading – I was aiming to start “The Hotel New Hampshire” – so I’ll love to hear how you enjoy your rereading of Iriving’s books.

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