I will not, watch

Hot and humid,

this afternoon,


nothing I can’t handle,

after that incredible,

heat wave we had,

a few weeks ago.


are looming,

the air is heavy and so are,

my thoughts.

So much to do,

so much to work,


in every sphere,

of my life.




all of it,


it’s coming,

bit by bit,

I’m putting it together


Lots of social activity,

going on and coming up,

it being Summer and all.

Lots of things troubling me,

on a planetary level,

as well,

you need to be so informed,

about everything,

from the food you eat,

to the the clothes,

you buy and wear,

from a health stand point,

on a humane level,


lots to know.

The more you know,

the more you freak,


maybe start to opt out,

more and more.

One thing that has really,

been troubling me,

is the new homophobic laws,

in Russia.

This isn’t just attitudes,

that need to be changed,

these are state sanctioned laws,

Very disturbing,

after all the Pussy Riot,



crazy imprisonment,

in the name of God,

how these people live with themselves is a mystery to me, call themselves Christians and persecute people as they do, not a new thing I know, in the name of God, but, still 21 st century!!!

But, these new laws about,



they are beyond,



The Russian government,

is not only persecuting,


they are also,



neo nazis and their ilks,

a license to attack, torture and brutalise.

The law is on their side,

handing them,

the guns and sticks

and other assorted,


telling them go ahead,

just do it,

bash and rape,

hurt and terrorise,

we want you to,

us, your government,

yeah, it boggles the mind!!!

We as citizens of the world,

can protest,

boycott etc,

try desperately to support,

our brothers and sisters.

One thing,

I will be doing,

which for me, and, anyone who knows me, even, slightly, knows, is kind of, a big deal

is not watch,

the Sotchi Olympics.

I have never missed,

watching the Olympics,

on Television,

not since 1972.

(when I was 7 years old)

But, this year,

I will not watch,

I will not,

participate even,


I’ve always loved,

the Olympics,


all that they represent,


they have become,

blatantly about,

politics and crass commercialism,

some might say,

they always were,



in the case of Russia,

passing theses laws,

months before,

the youth of the world,


it is a blatant in your face thing.

The people of Brazil,

are being brutalised,


the rain forest,


more than usual,

to bring Olympic games,

that the people,



nor will profit,


Corporations and tyrants,

have hijacked,

the Olympics,


I for one,

will not be watching.

In my heart I support the athletes,


I cannot be a party to this,


What do you all think?

Is it ridiculous and naive on my part?

I’m off to the movies,

to see,

the new Star Trek movie.

Have a safe and pleasant,

end of the weekend.

Be well.

Later girls,


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Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my very early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream

4 thoughts on “I will not, watch”

  1. Remember the boycott of the 1980 Summer Games? That was rough – after the high (here in the US) over the 80 Winter Games in Lake Placid and that fantastic performance by the US men’s hockey team – my heart was broken for all of those athletes who had trained & prepared and then missed their chance to compete. I hear you on not watching the Olympics. I hadn’t considered what I might do. I will give it some thought.

    I do not think you are either ridiculous or naive. I think you get to choose the ways in which you stand for what you believe. Knowing what you believe – and standing for those beliefs are what’s important. How you do it – well, that’s for each to decide – and debate with friends.

  2. Yeah, I remember the boycott of the 80 games and the subsequent boycott of the L.A games in 84, it is terrible for the atletes, terrible, I don’t really think a boycott is the way to go, but, there needs to be lots of international pressure, government and otherwise. I know it is a personal thing, I’ve decided not to watch in personal protest and because it means something to me, I love the Olympics and the Winter Olympics, well, as a Canadian and a hockey fan, yeah, it will be hard(;

  3. I have always enjoyed watching the World Cup in footie (soccer) but the year it was held in South Africa I just couldn’t bring myself to tune in. The South African powers-that-be simply turn a blind eye to the practice of “corrective rape”. Eudy Simelane, a member, star even, of the women’s national football team was brutally raped, beaten, stabbed and left t o die. In response, the authorities arrested many of her friends and known associates. That sickened me.

    I wondered if my decision not to watch the Cup on telly was a passive, ineffective action but it was the only one I felt I could make.

  4. the only concrete means we have, really, is to not watch and to keep back our dollars from the sponsors, and to spread the word about the barbarism, tell people that we won’t watch and why.

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