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I really like my buzz cut

Hello everyone,

hope you are all,

sane and safe.

Been tough,

around here,

this last little while,

mom has not been well,

and we have been,

trying to establish,

what was causing the problem,

we know what it isn’t ,

and now to determine what it is,

and then fix.

we spoke to her doctor ,

we are taking care of this,

please send healing thoughts.

So in between looking out for mom,

and worrying.

I’ve been reading,

doing my regular activities,

on zoom,

not in person.

I’ve been missing,

the spontaneity,

of going out when I feel like it,

stopping by a cafe,

browsing in a bookstore,



exchanging with local,


friends and acquaintances,

from the neighbourhood,

I miss taking the metro,

exploring the city,

that I love.

I have been starved for,


for physical contact.

I see a few friends,

for walks,

and I talk to some neighbours,

there is the phone,

texts, emails,

but this is hard on all of us.

So I have been thinking,

and trying new things,

cooking stuff I don’t normally cook,

and I have been buzzing my hair,

trimming it,

once a week.

What started off as,

a necessity,

for me

I was due for a cut,

the premier closed,

hair salons and barbers etc,

they are considered,

non essential,

and ,

they require close,

physical contact,

and proximity.

So necessity and frustration,

set me off on this path,

of clippers and buzz cuts.

I did this 10 years ago,

for charity,

that was my excuse,

and now my excuse is,

the pandemic,

and the closing of hair places,

But, if I am honest with myself,

and with you all,

and if you can’t be honest,

with your blog who can you be honest with?

I like it,

I love the way it looks,

I love the way,

it makes me feel.

I have wanted to,

buzz my hair,

for decades,

and ,

after I did it years ago,

and saw that it looked good,

that my head didn’t have, a funny shape.

I loved the way my girlfriend,

reacted and loved it.

But, I was still sensitive,

to the comments,

people made.

I know some people,

think it’s crazy,

masculine, weird,

it is very much,


an almost 55 year old butch.

I like it, I like that women,

who I find attractive,

like it,

not all, no such thing as a universal model.

I know older women get it,

low maintenance.

People don’t have to get it,

just like I don’t,

have to get,

blue hair.

I like my buzz cut,

I like my grey hair,

I like my plaid shirts,

and my ball caps,

I like me.

Hope you are all liking,


Sending out a giant,

virtual hug to all of you.

Be well, you all.

Later girls,


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