If you like November,
the coming of Winter,
everyone marches to,
their own drummer.

I loathe, November,
it isn't mild dislike,

I know many wonderful people,
born in November,
people I love dearly.

November is also a month,
where dear loved ones,
have gone.
My most beloved grand-maman,
on November 1 st.

She has been gone more than twenty years and,
yesterday I was talking about her, 
my voice cracked and tears welled in my eyes,
November makes me sad, makes me long, or the past.
Which is silly the past is no better than the now or the tomorrow,
my mind, knows that but, my heart...

I loathe November, it makes me feel cold,
it makes me feel old,
it makes me feel vulnerable.

November makes me grumpy,
November makes me worry,
for the future,
In November I often make,
wonky decisions.

But, I'm a big girl, I live with 'em

November is grey,
cold, damp,
without the charm, joy,
and hope of December and January.
November sucks

Enough said.

Be well you all.
Later, girls,

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