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I Have A Theory…

Good morning all,

another scorcher on the horizon,

2020 will not only be,

the Summer of Coronavirus,

it might also be the Summer,

we melted


Been a busy week,

lots of wrapping my head,



understanding my job.

I love it,

my job,

it’s early days ,

at the figuring out stage.

I know it is and ,

is going to be,


But, what’s been on my mind,


this week,

is not something,

but someone.

I have been trying to,

figure out how to give up,

a love that feels so right,

I have been trying to hold on,

without being pathetic,



to a love,

that might not,

be meant,

to be.

No matter what my heart says

I have been walking the tightrope,

of your needs, my needs,

and what happens,

when we aren’t in the same place.

When the love that exists,

now, at this moment,

was new but strong.

I know that I have just used,

the past and present tense,

to ‘talk’ about a love,

and that isn’t because,

I am grammatically confused.

I use the present and past tenses,

because I believe,

that love,


shelved love,


lost love,


It lives in the past,

it lives in the present.

I love people who I,

haven’t seen in,

thirty years,

and I am not talking about,

dead people,


not only about dead people


I have a theory,

it might not be,

the most brilliant theory,

it might not even be,

fully formed,

or verifiable,

but, I believe,

that love,

real love,

deep love,


familial love,


passion for another human being,

love freely given,

never dies,

it floats,

in the ether,

it drifts in and out of our minds,

but, mostly of our hearts.

It is always there,

waiting to be seen.

Be well you all.

Later girls,


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