Hello All, hope you are all well,
gearing up,
for the Christmas season,
and not very long after,
the New Year.

As you know, I loathe November,
but, December, well, 
I like December,
Advent, Christmas, 
the music, the food,
family time, church,
warm fuzzy feelings,
I love December.

It's been a rough month,
I have had migraines,
I have quit two jobs,
I have been confused,
I have prayed for guidance.

I have spent the last few months,
doing lots of reading,
of scripture, of theology,
growing in knowledge,
of my faith, 
also growing in confusion,
as to what I am called to do,
what God is calling me to do.

In the past couple of weeks,
it has become clear to me,
that I have been,
my time and my gifts,
in the work that I do.

I sort of ignored it,
and that's when the migraines,
hit, big time.

So, I quit the first job,
felt less stress,
got another job,
figured it would be ok,
it was for a day or so,
and then wacko headache,
blinding pain.

So, now, I have embarked on,
a new journey,
for the next couple,
of months,
at least.

I want to use my gifts,
for writing,
for speaking,
I want to combine them,
I want to develop them,
I want to hone them.

I don't expect it to be easy,
I don't need it to be easy,
I want it to have meaning,
I want it to make a difference,
in my life,
in the lives of others,
I want to share my journey,
my particular perspective,
because I believe,
a tapestry of perspectives,
is required.
In growth,
In life,
In faith.

I am blessed,
have been,
and remain so,
in my entourage,
my mother,
my girlfriend,
my bff,
my church friends,
some of whom, 
have become family.

Thank you all, readers and everyone else,
for reading, for listening, for being there.

Be well, God Bless

Later girls,

2 Replies to “I don’t need easy, I need meaning”

  1. I finally got here!!! It has only taken a year or so… good timing for me, anyways.
    Ok….I have questions… there is no need to reply as most of my questions are retoricle…. they are more for thought. Although I am very curious by nature (aka nosy).
    Ok… Now what? What are you going to talk about and to who?
    How are you going to manifest this? What does it look like to you..
    your end game I mean… What does your goal look like?
    I have an idea for you… Celebrant Services…. your faith as a Christian…your writing and your speaking…. You see my friend I too had the same goal. To write to speak to teach to learn… I am nosy af empathetic and imaginative. Not to memtion how funny I am.These are the traits and gifts needed as a Celebrant. Yes a Funeral Celebrant!!! Those who don’t have a church but want some God in there somewhere… Some who don’t want God in at all. We give those who don’t practice a religion, a sacred service, for their loved ones. We have some who want a full Christian service (but again no church but their mom wanted it).
    The stories of those passed I here make me laugh and cry. How they lived and died. I pull good or great things out and write about it then share it with those who know them. When I hear ‘Oh it was like you really knew her’ after the service I did my best and I served those people as they needed.
    What I have learned…is it is not the rites of the church alot of people are avoiding…it is the multiple ‘come to Jesus moments’ (as my trainer called them) that others are not interested in.
    So…. some food for thought. I would be happy to share one of my services to see what they are all about. Just say the word.
    Happy Winter Saturday!!! I have work at the funeral home today. Not Celebrant work… but service just the same!!
    Be well xo K

  2. Hello Kelly, thanks for dropping by. I have been taking some time off from everything lately, but, I have also been thinking about what comes next. You bring up many interesting points and questions. I don’t think being a celebrant or pastor is my way forward but who knows? I want to share my journey to faith, in faith, I want to communicate and share the message of love and inclusivity and diversity that truly is at the core of the Christian message, I want to participate in social justice with my gifts, I want lots of things and I believe God called me to that by pointing me in the direction of my church, St-Jax’s. More to come soon. So glad you popped in:-)

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