Hello ladies,
hope the heat,
isn't making you,
cra crazy.
It's been,
hot and humid,
here in the beautiful ugly,
these past few days,
end of Summer,
with a bang.

These past few weeks,
as I have wallowed,
in the joy and freedom,
of shorts,

The debate about,
the burkini,
has raged,
in France,
coming soon to a beach near you.

I find the images of policemen,
ejecting women,
from beaches,
for wearing burkinis,
that is the lightest word,
I could find.
Some see this,
as a symbol of religious,
some see this as,
infringement of religious rights.

Hmm, what do I think of this,
I know that,
for thousands of years,
men have been dictating,
what women,
can and cannot wear.
I also think that,
we, men and women,
have bought,
what a woman should,
and should not,
look like, 
when did women,
shaving every bit,
of hair,
from their body become,
the thing,
and everything else,
When did women,
portraying an image,
of prepubescence,
become the desirable,
And, honestly,
what does that say,
about the manipulation,
of desire.
Why is okay,
for men to wear clothes,
they buy at Costco,
because being,
comfortable is what's,
for women to be as,
uncomfortable and fake,
as is chemically, medically and fashionably,

So basically,
bikinis good?
Is that what it comes down too?

I think they are neither,
good nor bad.
If you enjoy wearing a bikini,
not because you feel,
obligated or coerced,
than you should,
gives you a nice tan,
makes you feel,
all good.

As to burkinis,
as a symbol of religious,
I wish they did not exist,
do I want,
women off beaches,
for wearing them?
No, I don't.

I want women to wear what,
they wish to wear,
what makes them happy,
cool or warm,
their favourite colours,
an expression of them,
that's what I want.

Of course,
I hold no truth,
on these matters,
strictly my opinion,
I am curious to hear,

be well,
you all.

Later, girls

4 Replies to “How about we wear what the #?*)(&*?? we want?”

  1. Yes, that’s it. Yes and no and all the stuff between. Although I wish I didn’t think twice about it, part of me will be relieved when it is cool enough to begin wearing pants/tights once more, so that I don’t have to figure out whether my deliberately unshaven legs will not suit a particular dress/event/gathering/meeting. This summer I haven’t caved (yet?), but I wish I’d stop the inward debate – more yes and no and in between.

  2. I actually shave my legs since I wear shorts, I like the way it looks, better, I don’t think it is a societal pressure thing, I have very few hairs on my legs and I am pale skinned and it just looks weird, so once a week I get out the nice Kiehl’s shave balm and shave away takes two minutes, smells good, gives me smooth legs

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