It’s cold, so cold,

make sure you have tissues cold,


We the fans of hockey,

have been without it,

too long.

But, the lock out is over,



boys and girls,

on Saturday night,

there will be hockey,


(relieved sigh)

the dark, the cold,

will be made,

a little lighter,

a little warmer,

the Habs are back:-)


first game,

against the arch rival,

Toronto Maple Leafs,

I hope we kick their collective butts


But, you know,

even if they don’t win,

the balm of sport,

will be back,

for me.

I have been,

a sports orphan for months,

I know, I know,

I could have watched football,


meaning no disrespect,

to my girls,

who are big time football fans,

you know who you are!

For me,

sports watching,

is hockey,


the olympics,

end of story.

The London Olympics were great,

filled with thrill and dissapointment,


the fall and a good part of winter,

without hockey,

has been,


I know it’s pathetic and sad,

to have so little of a life,

that no hockey means,

so much,


that’s the way it is.

As of Saturday,

there will be more,

colour to this Winter,

less white and grey,



red, white and blue,

Go Habs Go!!!

I just finished watching,

the first half,

of Lance Armstrong’s interview,

with Oprah Winfrey.

He comes ‘clean’,

he tells Oprah,

that yes he did cheat and dope etc.

This is nothing we did not know,

it’s been out for months,


the rumours and accusations,

have been rampant,

for years,

practically decades.

I don’t like Lance Armstrong,

never have,


he made a point,

about he not considering it,

cheating at the time,

because everyone did,



the playing field was level.

I think that may be true,

I’ve said so before,


also think,

he is part of a long line,

of ‘justifiers’,

everybody did so…I did,

doesn’t make it right,


no matter how much,

something is easy to get away with,

if you know it to be wrong,


you do it anyway,

you have to live with that.

He was living with that,

quite comfortably,

even attacking others,

for telling the truth,

when he knew,

that it was the truth.

He says,

he will have to spend,

the rest of his life apologising,

and making amends,


that is how it should be.

I’ll give him this,

he answered the questions,

without much,

prevarication (not a real word, but, still).

He was also  smart enough,

to pick Oprah,

now, Oprah isn’t a pushover,


she is a well educated, classy lady,

much easier,

than the pushy Fox news-ish types,


a lot of people respect what Oprah,

says and has done.

I’ll watch the second half,

on You Tube,


seriously, what did we do before You Tube??

I’d like to know,

what you all think,

about this,


about the whole Jodie Foster speech,

of a few days ago,

really I would


Later girls,




4 Replies to “Hockey and Lance Armstrong”

  1. He can spend all his life apologizing but that will be of little value to the persons whose careers, reputations and lives he destroyed with his endless lawsuits and personal vendettas.

  2. I’m with Christos. He destroyed the lives of people he knew to be telling the truth. Ruined them financially & mentally. Deprived them of work in their field of expertise/passion (biking) because of his stature in the bike world. I found his lack of affect, and his seeming lack of comprehension of the way he impacted those lives to be horrifying to watch.

    The argument that he had to dope in order to win & that everyone was doing it seems to be born out by the retrospective test results which reveal that the first “clean” rider finished in the 22nd or 23rd spot. I am sad to admit that I do not care about the doping any longer – It is good that we know. These athletes need to evaluate the price(s) they pay in order to win (look at U.S. football players and traumatic brain injury) – but that’s a conversation of a different order.

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