It is a beautiful,


October morning,

can’t think of better,

weather for Thanksgiving.

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving,

here in Canada.

But, no mater where,

we are,

we can be grateful,


give thanks,

for all that we have.

We can be grateful,

for the bountiful harvest,

the clear blue sky,

the warmth of our hearths,

the love of our families,

our friends,

the furry little beasts,

that share our lives,

the past that made us,

who and what we are,

even the bad stuff,

the memory of loved ones,

gone but, not forgotten,

the love of a good woman,

the love of a good man,

straight teeth,

good hair,

we can be thankful,

for whatever we want,

to whoever we want.

I don’t think,

what or who maters,


I think once in a while,

you gotta give thanks,


say to yourself,

out loud,

or not


I am one lucky,




affords us that opportunity.

Happy thanksgiving girls,

wherever you may be,

and thanks,

for reading,


being there.

Big butchy hug to all of you.

Later girls,


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