It’s a beautiful day.

Blue sky.


I’m feeling well and dare I say,

 optimistic about the future.

I got some new books out of the library yesterday.

I kept only one Philip Roth, The Counterlife, which I will attempt to finish.

I don’t like his stuff, it doesn’t speak to me.

I remember reading Portnoy’s Complaint years ago and finding it funny.

But, to be brutally honest it is way too penis centric for me.

Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy a male perspective.

Some of my favourite writers are men.

(Ooh my! that sounds like some of my best friends are Jewish)

But, I love Hemingway and Jack London and John Irving,

 all of whom have a very virile perspective.

Roth is obsessed with  his erections and how big his dick is,


I think most good fiction, reflects the author to a certain extent but,

this is too much.

My blog, my opinion.

So, back to yesterday’s visit to the library.

I checked out an Edeet Ravel novel.

I read one of her books on a friend’s recommendation and

I quite enjoyed it.

The one I took out yesterday is called  A Wall Of Light.

The one I read previously is called Your Sad Eyes and Unforgetable Mouth.

Great title, don’t you think?

I liked it. It had a lyricism to it that I occasionally enjoy.

I also took out a Raymond Carver collection of short Stories.

Speaking of virile.

I read a few short stories so far.

Good stuff.


About people who have,

 not much.

So far I’m liking it.

As usual I’ll let you know.

I’m going for a walk down by the river in the early evening with a new friend.

Should be enjoyable.

She’s a friend.

No rumours, please.

Happy Labour Day, girls.



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