Oh what a beautiful morning,

the birds are singing,

the sky is blue,

it’s warming up,

after a cold snap.

Yesterday was windy and rainy,

that hardly ever happens,

on my birthday.

it’s nice usually,

no matter,

just weather.

I had a very quiet day.

I was spoiled,


gave me a bottle of,

my favourite scent,

a scent,

I had run out of,

’cause it’s a little pricey,

everything is pricey when you sell used books for a living:-P

it is a very light scent,

citrusy and fresh,

herbal grassy,

blends well,

with my body chemistry,


I have never smelled it on,

anyone else.

I like that it is,

my signature scent,

it’s French,

must be tons of Europeans,

wearing it,

here in Montreal,

it’s only available in one store.

All that to say,

I’m delighted with my gifts,


a sweet thoughtful package from my sweetie,


a gift certificate from my aunt,

American Eagle,

they have my favourite boxers,



good basic everyday stuff,

with youthfullness,

without being too hipster.

I have a nice slow,

week going on,


a social weekend,


Looking good.

I’ve been doing,

a little bit of reading.

Before I left for Toronto,

I had been reading,

John Ralston Saul’s,

On Equilibrium,

which I forgot to bring with me!!

I bought a couple of books,

at Glad Day Books,

In Toronto,

a gay bookshop.

I’ve heard and read lots,

about S.Bear Bergman,


I’ve never read hir,

I saw this as an oportunity,

to pick one up,

I opted for,

Butch Is A Noun,

surprised I haven’t read this before,

so far,

I like it,

I don’t love it,

it’s well written,




it isn’t as ‘real’ to me,

as Ivan Coyote’s stuff.

Maybe it’s because,

Ivan’s conversational style,

is one I can relate to,



not sure.

I also picked up,

a classic of women’s studies,

dyke history,

Lilian Faderman’s,

Surpassing The Love Of Men,

I’ve read two of Ms. Faderman’s books,

Scotch Verdict and Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers,

I found both to be informative,


eminently readable.

Now that I have time,


my concentration,



since I started writing this post,

the weather,

has turned grey and cloudy,

I think,

I’l do my chores and read,

get back to,

the bookish part,

of my moniker.


Be well.

Later girls,


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