Hello all,
hope all is well.
It's summer here,
in my beautiful ugly.
This weekend is supposed,
to be a scorcher, but, so far,
the weather has been fine.

I am taking a little time off,
hanging around the city.
Reading, resting, 
spending time with mom,
with friends.

My vacation to,
Upstate New York,
was wonderful,
really helped me relax.
It was gorgeous.

On this past Sunday,
I gave my talk,
at my beloved St-Jax's.
The creative team asked me,
a few months ago,
I accepted because,
I felt I had something to,
share and that just maybe,
it would speak to someone else.

I worked on it,
it was very much,
a 'from the heart' talk.
As I mentioned in my previous post,
I was nervous about the talk.
I am always nervous about,
speaking in public.

Since last weekend was,
a long weekend,
here in Québec,
La St-Jean, la fete nationale
the first of two,
this week is Canada day
I expected a small crowd,
vacation size.
I had invited mom,
and my bff to be there,
a couple of friends who,
I invited accepted,
a few refused,
it's okay,
some people really have,
issues with churches,
I get that, really.

It was a fair size crowd,
I felt a lot of love,
support, interest.
I was prayed for,
most people arrived.

My friends at church,
the pastors,
they are good people,
open minded, kind,
they like me,
I like them.

Sometimes, I feel responsible,
for representing gays, lesbians.
That's not something,
I feel I am qualified to,
really do, I am just me.
But, just like people came out,
in the 80's, 90's etc,
it's important for people,
to see,
that their,
brothers, sisters, tailors,
hairdressers, mechanics,
favorite Olympian,
neighborhood jerk,
and the person who sits,
next to them at church, 
are perhaps,
or as the younger crowd puts it,

Personally, I like to be known,
for me, not because I am gay,
or a Québécoise or an Anglo.
But, I am not naive enough,
to think that people don't,
make snap judgments based,
on appearance, attire.
So,if I can contribute to,
the good reputation of,
the LGBTQ community, and to,
the Christian community,
I am down with that
A Christian gay person,
who is taken at face value.
I am lucky, to live here,
in my beautiful ugly,
and to have found the perfect church,
for me.

Thank you,
for reading my ramblings.
More to come, soon

Be well, you all
Later, girls

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