Since it’s Friday,


most of you,

I’m thinking,

have the weekend off,

fist pump

how about,

some pretty pictures,

to put you all,

in the mood.

Be it,

for rest,

for recreation,

for chores,

for cooking,

for cocooning,

for dancing,



Let’s see if I can cover all that,

with images.

Pinned Image

Rest and a form of recreation, reading knook.

Pinned Image

Bohemian cocooning spot.

Pinned Image

I’d like to cook in this kitchen, heck, I wouldn’t even mind chores:-P

Let’s dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

Pinned Image

Sitting in quiet companionship,

that’s loving,


Have a good weekend girls,

rest and relax,


stay warm,

move your groove thing.

Later girls,





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