The weather this morning was dismal.

Freezing rain and skating rink sidewalks.


who usually opens on Fridays was spooked.

Since, she developed arthritis in her hips,

she has become weary of falling.

Since, I didn’t want to work a twelve hour day,

in which I would probably make very little money,

 and put up with weirdos.

Plus, Thursday had been very good.

I decided to take a freezing rain day.

My cold is better but, I’m still not 100%.

My lips look like refugees from a Leper colony.

The day off will help the cold and the lips.

In six years I have taken two snow days.

I took more,

 when I had a collective bargaining agreement.

When you own a small business,

you don’t work,

no money comes in.

I have seen both sides of the fence,

I worked for a large telecommunications company for 14 years,

I have owned my very small used bookstore for six years.

A stable union job,

 means health insurance and paid vacation and bosses.

Owning your own business means,

 less money, no vacation and dealing with customers.

I like customers,

 I did when I worked as a customer service rep,

and I still do.

I miss the pay but, I don’t miss the structure.

 I like the freedoms that my oddball little business affords me,

There are tradeoffs in both,

I guess it’s a question of what is more important to you,

as an individual.

Today, I stay home cuddle up to The Dude and read.

Later girls


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  1. Staying home and snuggling with the cats would have been a MUCH better day! I went to work and felt like a zombie all day! Glad to hear you got to enjoy a day off!

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