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For mom

My favourite picture of mom,from a few years back.

Today is my mother’s birthday,
she is now,
A milestone birthday,
she isn’t thrilled,
about turning 80,
because as she says:
“old age is hard on old people”

Been a rough year and a bit,
strokes aren’t for wusses,
that’s for bloody sure!
Some days she doesn’t seem herself,
and other days 100 percent Marthe.

My mother comes from a long line,
of wonderful and modest people,
not a peacock among them,
just , good, hard working people,
smart, kind and hospitable.
Salt of the earth.

My mom is bright, funny,
a Sahara dry humour that most people,
really don’t get.

She has read more widely,
than anyone I know.
She has given to me,
the gift of reading,
a precious gift,
one of many.

Mom does not suffer fools lightly.

Those she loves,
she loves fiercely,
to the point of,
not really seeing their faults

She has always been honest,
with her opinions,
and in old age,
has become,
brutally honest with them.

Mom adores pasta,
cookies, chocolate,
and HGTV.

My mom has style,
understated, never flashy,
never dull.
she knows , a lot more than,
she thinks she does.

She is loved by many.

Mom is a Gemini,
so half of her is in,
outer space,
and the other half,
has her feet,
firmly planted,
on the ground,
taking care of buisness.

Hallmark sentiment isn’t,
her thing,
she is real,
she loves and lives,
without pomp or noise,
never boring,
and occasionally,
hard to decipher.

I love her much more,
than words can adequately,

Happy Birthday, mom.
Bonne fete Maman.

I love you
Je t’aimes.

Your daughter, Caroline

later girls,

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