It’s snowing,

really snowing.

From inside,

 it’s pretty.

Mom and I were mushing through it today.


Christmas is coming.

I can’t believe it but,

I’m not finished,


most of it is done,

I got my little nephew a fantastic t-shirt.

He is a cat freak,

but most cat stuff I find is geared to girls,

not that I approve of gender stereotyping

not, this t-shirt,

 my friends.

Black with an uber realistic drawing of a cat,

wearing an astronaut’s helmet.

He’s gonna freak with joy.

I know I did,

 and it was only ten bucks.

I would have got one myself but,

they only had them on the kids side.

Life is so unfair sometimes… 🙂

I settled for ordering a new Plaid flannel.

Dress flannel,

Christmas oblige.

No, No,

 even  I,

 don’t wear flannel at Christmas.

One of my few exceptions,

along with job interviews.

I usually do basic black,

channeling Johnny Cash,

except for my boots,

you all know I never do black boots.

I like a little bit of mismatching,

my nod to anarchy,

and style,

you got have style 🙂

Later girls


*The little guy is not my nephew, I have no brothers or sisters. He’s my cousins son, one of three and a little baby girl.

**Next post, books, I’ve been thinking of what to bring to the bunker.

3 Replies to “Flannel? At Christmas!!”

  1. *pops out from bushes* BUNKER! I love bunkers. Does this mean you are planning on participating in my Book Apocalypse project??? I hope so!

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