I just finished reading  Finders Keepers,

 a Karin Kallmaker that I have never read.

 It was published in 2006.

 I guess I’m a few behind.

Anybody, who has read this blog knows that I adore Kallmaker.

 A few of her novels are on my top lesbian romance list.

My all time favorite romance is Wild Things one of her earlier offerings.

I liked Finders Keepers, sort of.

The two main characters are likable and intelligent.

The novel deals with issues in an original fashion.

Lynda  is a beautiful woman, drop dead gorgeous and, that is the last thing she wants to hear.

Her mother, uber bitch to end all bitches,

 made her that way,

 and I don’t mean genetically.

Marissa is a big girl, with a big brain and issues with her mother as well her body.

I liked both women , I felt for them, real empathy.

I didn’t believe their love story.

I felt the shipwreck meeting was contrived.

A little too  Deus Ex Machina  for me.

Let me tell you in all the years I have been reading Kallmaker,

 it is the first time I didn’t buy the love story or the lead up to the sex.

I’m disappointed I was looking forward to a sexy, romantic read.

God knows, I could use one.

This book has merit, and deals with important issues in an intelligent and thoughtful way.

It wasn’t what I was looking for.

This book was a Lambda finalist, so obviously I’m in a minority in my opinion.

All of my favorite writers have at least one book that I appreciate less.

Even, Somerset Maugham wrote The Magician that I hated,

 and John Irving had the truly weird and boring Son of the Circus.

I will read another Kallmaker soon, Sugar,

 sounds like something I would enjoy.

I’m taking a break from romance for a while, maybe I’m jaded.

Later girls


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