My Ramblings


Hello all,

hope you are well,


have survived the Winter.

Well, it’s March,

praise the Lord and thank you Jesus.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, this is Montreal and,

the third of March,

ain’t Spring but,

soon, soon.

It has been a rough season,

I’ve had worse,

but, it’s up there.

The holidays were great but,

soon after that,


But, my mom,

is recovering very well,


Now, I find myself,

in a bit of a spot financially,

but, soon is tax return season,

so that will keep me going for ,

a few months.

The thing is I never really cared,

about money,

I still don’t,

I was never a saver or a planner,

but, I always felt,

the next great,





was right around the corner,

that I could always,

start anew,


I have,

numerous times,

lots of,

seasons of change,

in my life.

But, this year,

I will be 54,

and, although,

I don’t feel old,

not even close,

I do not feel,



the world is not my oyster anymore.

what does that even mean??

I have made some weird choices,

in my life,

some might even be defined as,


To be clear,

they were mine and I own them,

but, over the past 2 or 3 years,

I have found myself,


having more trouble,


I have found peace and meaning,

in my faith,

but, the next ‘thing’,

remains elusive,

But, now it’s March,

the answer is coming,

I know it is.

I am hoping and praying for an,

early Spring,

Groundhog predictions notwithstanding.

and that I find my mission,

my calling.

I wish you all a blessed end of Winter,

as some of us embark on the season of Lent,

I wish for all of us,

a season of examination, learning and communion

Be well, all of you,

Later girls,


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