Hello you all:-)

Doing well?
Feeling good?
Another stupendous and glorious,
here in the beautiful ugly.
Feeling good, so good.

It's Pride week here in,
I am not a big parade girl but, 
I might go this year,
I am going to a few dyke events,
it's always nice to hang out with,
part of the clan.
I don't pick my friends according to,
friends are much too important to be,
closed minded about.
I like smart, funny, caring,
men, women, gay, straight, bi, trans,
oh and I am not ageist I like,
young, middle aged, old.
But every once in a while,
I like to be with a majority of,
dykes, queers.
Feels good,
feels right.

So a dance party on Friday,
and on Saturday,
the hip hop graffiti festival,
Under Pressure,

which isn't a Pride event,
another major festival going on,
Montreal is a city of festivals.

soak up the vibes,
the energy,
a bit of,
a fountain of youth,
in action.

I have to tell you girls,
I feel so good,
I feel full of,
piss and vinegar,
could be,
Summer sunshine,
could be,
the cardio,
the being without an,
But, the fact is,
I haven't felt this good,
in years!
I feel strong,
I feel powerful,
as in empowered.
Maybe there is,
to this,
fifty is the new thirty,
I feel vibrant but I have my,
experience and accumulated,
My legs and eyes aren't what they,
used to be,
and my memory isn't the,
infallible vault it once was,
all of them are still better,
than average.

Maybe it is a,
fleeting Summer thing,
I don't think so,
I feel thirty,
and it feels,
Woo hoo!!

Later girls,

2 Replies to “Fifty, the new thirty?”

  1. It’s good to hear you’re feeling so fantastic! Right now it is horribly hot in Toronto, too hot really to do anything other than read (isn’t that just t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e? *looks pained*) but I guess I have no choice and I will just have to pluck a few more from the shelf and make do. *grins* Would you like a glass of lemonade? Take care! (PS I like the plaid background, but need to imagine it as seersucker and not flannel today!)

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