Good afternoon, you all.
Grayish and coldish day,
here in the beautiful ugly.
Still lots of colours,
pumpkins aplenty all around,
October coming onto,
A time of reflection,
and preparation,
for the long,
indoor periods,
that will follow, 
in a few weeks,
will be upon us,
so the last bit of Fall,
even the rainy, windy bit,
must be lived,
to it's fullest,
that is my way of seeing,
I love the fresh crisp air,
the Fall layers,
jackets and hats,
boots and yes,
even rain gear.

Yesterday, was a gorgeous,
Autumn day.
Clear blue sky,
a nip in the air,
all the colours still around,
the wind hasn't blown all,
all the leaves,
I had coffee with dear friends,
then I went to,
the evensong service,
at our beautiful,
Anglican cathedral,
in downtown Montreal.
There is a full choir,
majestic organ music.

I love choirs,
always have,
hymns and devotional music.
They have a very positive,
on me,
they fill me with hope,
with inspiration,
with feelings of love,
of community,
I have been needing that,
perhaps I am having,
a spiritual moment,
in my life,
or maybe it is just that,
I need a place of calm,
and beauty in my life.
It felt good,
the service,
and I shared it,
with a friend who,
loves music so much.
I intend to go back.

I feel much better,
this week,
less raw,
I know everything,
will be alright,
that if I feel lonely,
or as if my life,
isn't full enough,
I must find a way,
to fill it.

My brain is bubbling,
with thoughts,
with ideas,
I need to give them,
shape and texture,
I need to create,
not overthink,
feel the wind,
feel the rain.

I am making chowder,
I made fish stock,
started with,
onions and garlic,
I added,
and whole milk.
It is cooking slowly,
it will be delicious,
simple, easy, hardy,
life is good.

Be well, all of you,
stay warm, stay safe,
love each other.

Later girls,

2 Replies to “Fall thoughts, Fall plans”

  1. I made the first pot of chili (black beans and red beans, not kidney – they are unpopular with other family members and I love the others just as well) last night. The kitchen smelled divine. Enjoy your autumn-ness! (PS Sometimes your captchas really puzzle me. Like they show dice instead of numbers? What’s that about?! Heheh)

  2. Chili and chowder “tis the season. I’m sorry about the captchas not sure I can fix and I think they are dice, sort like life, a crap shoot, eh?
    Enjoy the autumness as well, be well

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