It’s nippy but, blue skied.

Ah, Autumn.

I love it .

The air, the light.

The autumn afternoon sky,

 is the prettiest.

The air is crisp without being too cold.

The sky is blue,

 without the gray smog of Summer,

 or the white coldness of Winter.

Spring is the time of rebirth and awakening but,

in the city,

 it smells of melting dog poop,

also of Lilacs,



The decay of leaves smells nice,


Fall is quiet.

The wind carries loud voices away.

None of the spinning tires or agonising fan belts of Winter.

It could also be,

that Butch style is more appropriate to the Fall.

Boots, suede jackets and yes,

flannel shirts.

Cute scarves and baseball caps.

Butches look rad in the fall 🙂

Walking down the street keeping their girls warm.

Fall is definitely,

Butch season.

To all the Femmes out there,

if you don’t have one,

get yourselves a Butch.

‘Tis the season.

Tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Later girls


3 Replies to “Fall, Butch Season?”

  1. hahaha, I love that you wrote about this; it may or may not influence my opinion that autumn is the best season. Although you DID forget one very important fashion accessory for the Prep look — the sweater vest!

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