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Fall, and all that Jazz

Casual off-dty menswear outfit inspiration

Hello everyone,

I hope all is well,

with all of you.

I have been busy,

work and all,

I have also been,

very social.

of late.

Catching up,

with friends,

touching base.

The weather has been all over,

the place so far this week,

hot, humid,

windy, raining.

Mom hasn’t been,

feeling great,

which always,

worries me.

Worrying is a useless activity, but, one at which I excel,I wish I didn’t but, it is what it is

So, I am trying right now,

to get as much done,

so that I can have,

four free days,

to shop and cook,

and spend time,

with mom and my friends.

I want to walk,

and feel the wind,

in my hair.

I want to think about,

the coming season,


preparing for my class,

getting my Fall stuff out,

figuring out what I have,

what I need.

I have boots, caps and jackets, but, I need sweaters.

So many new challenges,

at work,

at church,

my class,

starting up again,

my ongoing,

discernment process.

Getting ourselves prepped,

for what promises to be,

a long Winter,

unless all our collective, hopes and prayers,are answered,and a vaccine is found,before the end of 2020.

So I am in a pensive mood,

a common place for me,

but, I am happy,

I am thinking,


and all that Jazz.

Stay safe,

wear your mask.

Be kind to yourselves.

Ciao for now,


Later girls,


p.s the picture? I like the guys sweater, thinking of getting one

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